Monday, January 21, 2013

nope, not into it

I've given up on blogging.
I literally never want to make time for this,
or will want to unless I start making some kind of
profit on it like you read in magazines.

I want to do other things, like read.
So, maybe after I'm done reading
I'll revisit the idea of blogging in another three years.

Or maybe I'll change my mind in three days.
But... do not count on it.

I'll probably still tweet... follow @kellyhannahk
And I will definitely still tumble.
Follow at Based on a Book

But for now, enjoy my parting pictures of words with good ideas.


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

what to expect, because I'm not expecting anything

As you can tell by the airy, bright colors on this page - 
this is not a place where I release dark, 
heavy (or wise) thoughts unto the masses.

If you had any sense you would know the darkest thought
 I've ever had is agreeing with 
Liz Lemon that everyone is the worst. 
I mean- I like bunnies and shopping at Target. 
I'm not a monster.

This is where I tell you that things are pretty.
 That I'd be equally happy with a 
bouquet of balloons than a bouquet of flowers. 
That I believe I would do very well in the Hunger Games. 
And I stay up till 4AM watching 
Tina Fey or Conan videos on YouTube and then say 
"screw it, I have to wake up in 5 hours. No sleeping tonight!" 
And either keep laughing or fall 
deeply asleep and am late for work. 
Because in my mind 5 hours of sleep is just not enough.
It's a vicious cycle...


Monday, January 14, 2013

blogs are back

I honestly can't believe I kept up with blogging 
as often as I did back in 2010, 
and ever since 2013 rolled in I figured, "Why not keep blogging?". 
Newlyweds and Newly-moms aren't the 
only ones who have something worth blogging about.
(Not saying I do...)

I am a single, student who gets paid minimum wage.
I wake up each day expecting (hoping, actually)
 to stay in bed watching Netflix or reading a book. 
But, I am 21.
 I encourage adventure.

Plus I have bills to pay & grades to earn.

I already "pin", "tumble" & "tweet".
I even admit to checking my facebook often.
Sorry, I'm not so hip that I "don't have a facebook".
(Social Media has really made me her bitch...)
So whats the harm in blogging again? 
It's 2013.
I'm always near a computer.


So what's new since you last heard from me 3 YEARS ago?

I cut bangs Y'ALL!
(going for a Jenny Lewis look)
I love Tina Fey more than ever before.
You could never get me to stop cracking my knuckles.
Bubblegum is my vice.
And I'm still just some crazy ginger...

Welcome back, 

Saturday, September 18, 2010

people do the craziest things when they're in love

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Jenny and Johnny

Idol & girl-crush Jenny Lewis came out 
with a new album with her hubby Johnny Rice!
I'm Having Fun Now is amazing!

if you go here, you can listen to the whole album for....

and I know we all love things that cost nothing more than a cent.

they are the cutest couple.

along with

the world's like a science & I'm like a secret

the best day of my summer was of course in Utah.
One week ago from today, I spent it in Salt Lake visiting friends
 I haven't seen for over a year to friends I haven't seen in months.
I thoroughly enjoyed the catching up, but most of all
I enjoyed watching Zooey & Matt perform.

she & him came to play,
and they were amazing!!
My voice is still trying to recover from 
all my screaming of joy that night.
(bestie/roomie Hillary G. on the very right & Jamison H. next to her)
this photograph was in the Salt Lake Tribune featuring this concert which
held over 500,000 people! 
And I am one of the blessed being who got to see that
 Zooey & Matt do exsist!

blog, I am sorry I have been failing you

scissor running - jenny and johnny
lingering still - she & him
young long (featuring laura marling) - mystery jets

summer has come to an end!
am I the only one that is excited about that?
School (or Utah really) has been calling me for over a month now.
I am so happy to be back at school!

Did you all have a lovely summer?

Mine was filled with Buffy the Vampire Slayer,
canoe & bike trips,
and riding the world's longest wooden roller coaster.
All in Ohio.

Although, I wasn't fortunate to visit
Cleveland's Rock N' Roll Hame of Fame...
next year for sure.